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Please click the year that you like to see the Property Tax Rate. The list(s) are being provided for reference and are accurate in most cases. However; I strongly suggest that the reader check with the appropriate city tax department for more information on property tax rates.Please note: The tax rates posted here are for the most common rate classifications. Tax rates for other property classes can be obtained by contacting the local Municipality's Treasury Department. Information updated as we receive.

I have provided some more information on the other pages with regard to the:

And suggest that the reader may please review the other pages for information.
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Assessed Value (Assessment)
The value of a property (lands and buildings) for taxation purposes.

Assessment Act
The law which governs the way property is assessed in Ontario.

Assessment Cycle
The yearly cycle of assessment-related activity which culminates in the delivery of the assessment roll to a local municipality.

Assessment Office
One of the local MPAC offices in Ontario which administer property assessment.

Assessment Region
One of the 28 regions in the province whose boundaries coincide with those of the counties, regional municipalities or districts in their area.

Assessment Review Board (ARB)
An independent tribunal established by statute to hear assessment appeals.

Assessment Roll
An annual list of the assessed values of all properties in a municipality, which includes the names of the property owners or tenants and their addresses.

Base Year
The year used for establishing the assessed value for all properties in a municipality. The base year for the 1998, 1999 and 2000 taxation years was 1996 with properties valued as of June 30th of that year. For the 2001 and 2002 taxation years properties will be valued as at June 30, 1999. For the 2006 taxation year, properties are valued as of January 1, 2005.

Current Value
The amount of money a property would realize if sold by a willing seller to a willing buyer in an at arm's length transaction.

An area in northern Ontario which has a number of local municipalities but no county or regional structure. There is one exception: the District Municipality of Muskoka, which functions like a region or county. See also Unorganized Territories.

Exempt Property
Property which is assessed but not taxed. Generally, properties which are exempt from property taxes provide services for the public good, such as schools, churches, and hospitals. Other charities and philanthropic organizations not mentioned in the Assessment Act may be given exempt status if certain criteria are met.

As defined in the Assessment Act, land includes buildings, trees, minerals and land covered with water. The terms "property," "real estate" or "real property" is more generally used.

Local Municipality
A city, town, village or township.

Lower-Tier Municipality
A city, town, village or township.
A municipality which is part of a county, region or district municipality. Examples are the City of Mississauga, a lower-tier municipality within the Regional Municipality of Peel and the Town of Gravenhurst, a lower-tier municipality within the District Municipality of Muskoka.

Municipal Revenue
The income of a municipality which includes property taxes, provincial grants, payments-in-lieu of property taxes, fees-for-service and other forms of income.

The income of a municipality which includes property taxes, provincial grants, payments-in-lieu of property taxes, fees-for-service and other forms of income.

Omitted Assessment
An assessed property which has not been recorded on the assessment roll. When an omitted assessment is added to the assessment roll, property taxes can be collected for the current year and, if applicable, for any part or all of the previous two years.

Ontario Fair Assessment System (OFAS)
The assessment system created under the Fair Municipal Finance Act, 1997, to make property assessment and the calculation of property taxes fair, consistent and understandable across the province. Under OFAS, property assessment values across the province were updated to their current value, using the same base year; seven standard property classes were created; the business occupancy tax was eliminated; local governments were given the authority to establish different tax rates for different classes of property; and the appeals process was simplified.

See real property or land.

Property Assessment Notice
A form sent to property owners and tenants by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation containing information about their property and its assessed value.

Property Assessor
An employee of the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation who determines the assessed value of a property.

Property Class
One of seven standard classes of property used for assessment and taxation purposes: residential and farm, multi-residential, commercial, industrial, pipe line, farmlands and managed forests.

Property Tax
The combined tax on a property made up of the municipal (local) tax and, if applicable, the region or county tax and the school tax.

Property Type
The categorization of a parcel of land in the official plan that determines zoning.

Real Property
Land and buildings, often called "property," "real estate" or "land."

The process of creating a new base for property taxation by updating assessments to reflect more current values.

Roll Number
The 19-digit number assigned by the Assessment Commissioner to an assessable property for identification purposes. This number appears on all notices issued by MPAC and the ARB. For example, 1904-031-200-01100-0000 represents:
19County or Municipal District04 City or Town031 Ward200Area Subcenterision01100Street Subcenterision0000Plate number (formerly used in realty/business assessments)
School Support
A term which refers to the tax support for school boards.

Single-Tier Municipality
A municipality that is not part of a county, region or district (e.g. the Town of Smiths Falls or the City of Windsor).

Supplementary Assessment
A change to the assessment of a property made during a taxation year due to a renovation or new construction, or a change in status of a property which ceases to be exempt from taxation.

Taxable Property
All property in a municipality which is not exempt from taxation.

Tax Rate
A rate set by municipalities for each property class based on the revenue required to provide local services, such as firefighting, garbage collection and snow removal. Property tax may be calculated by multiplying the tax rate for the property class by the assessed value of the property.

Tax Ratio
The tax rate of each property class in relation to the rate of the residential/farm property class. (The tax ratio for residential/farm property class will be 1. If the tax rate for commercial property is twice that of residential property, then the commercial tax ratio will be 2.)

Tax Ratio Ranges
Ranges of fairness set by the province for municipal tax ratios. Municipalities can alter tax ratios within the established ranges. If a ratio is outside the established range, any change made by a municipality must move the ratio closer to the range.

Taxation Year
The calendar year (January 1st to December 31st).

Upper-Tier Municipality
A county, region or district municipality, (e.g. Simcoe County, the Regional Municipality of Halton and the District Municipality of Muskoka).

Tax Rates
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